Dangerous to go alone...

I’m spending a lot of time thinking about how I do things. Specifically, how and where I’ve struggled to do things.

I’ve tried to take an objective look at myself and figure out what it is that I feel is holding me back from doing all the things I want to do. Business books, personal growth books, personality tests, lots and lots of YouTube… Anyway, I think I might have a handle on it. After looking at my whole career, there’s a thread that runs through all of it that goes against most of the advice I’ve absorbed from all those sources:

I have a very persistent drive to do it alone.

I’m not sure if that is because I’m not sure whatever I’m doing is going to work and I don’t want to drag others into it, or because if it does work I don’t want to share the glory. It might be both.

But the more I think about it, the more I think I can’t go it alone anymore. I want to find a trusted group of advisors, and when I start building again, I’ll do everything I can to bring a trusted team with me.