Sysop Dev Diary, Part 5: Catch-up

Thought I forgot, didn't you? 🙂 I've been taking it easy on the writing for the holidays, but still plugging away on the app.

Made some changes for the sake of seeing progress. I put the Vapor version aside for now, and fired up a simple PocketBase version of the backend that will work for proving the concept. That allowed me to start work on the widget and the dashboard, which I'm doing at the same time. I'm building them both into the dashboard app because, well, how would one of my customers request support on the service? Through the service itself, of course! So I'll pull the widget out as a Swift package when it's implemented.

Related: I've always been looking for a simple phrase I can use to describe what I do. “Oh, Mike? He's the ___ guy.” The blank has been filled in with “Apple”, “iPhone”, “Mobile Developer”, various unflattering remarks... But I think I've got something I really like. What do I do? I help small businesses communicate with their customers. It applies to Sysop, it applies to my work at Breezy, and it applies to lots of other things I've done in the past and would like to do in the future. So that's what I'm going with, until and unless something better comes along.